Safe, Powerful And Effective Training with Tai Chi

San Rafael Martial Arts teaches Tai Chi Yang. Tai Chi is one of the oldest and popular martial arts styles, one of the most studied forms of martial arts today. Tai Chi's Yang style named after its founder, Yang. Yang Lu-Chan 's grandson, Yang Chen-Fu, was one of the first to teach Yang Style Tai Chi outside China, responsible for making it one of today's most studied disciplines. 

Why Tai Chi is the Right Choice For You?

Several benefits accompany Yang Style Tai Chi practice; the most common benefits are coordination, pacing, strength, and flexibility. 

Balance: Achieved through routine practice forms. With forms, the practitioner learns empty and full concept. Empty and full refers to your body over your hips. Using your legs and hips to move your body from front to back or left to right helps you concentrate on moving and transferring your weight. Alternatively, it's normal for inexperienced practitioners to lean, tilt, or reach, making them lose balance. 

Timing: Best achieved with another practitioner. Including two individual styles, Yang Style Tai Chi is known for its Pushing Hands exercises. There are several styles of Push Hands in Yang Style Tai Chi, including Stationary Single and Double Push Hands, FreeStyle Push Hands, and Da Lu Push-Hands. Push Hands' goal is to get your partner off balance without using force, but by feeling and using your opponent's energy, pushing them off balance at the right time. 

Strength: Achieves the above and combines firearms types. Via weapon preparation, the practitioner has full-body movement while wielding a sword, knife, spear, saber cane, or several other Tai Chi weapons. The weapon's weight, combined with complex body movements, leads to tougher, leaner muscles. 

Flexibility: Easily done with Yang Style Tai Chi due to deliberate practice. Slow-motion allows the muscles to elongate slowly through routine exercise.